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I guess we both watch too much TV. That said, I spend a lot of time getting ready to watch, rather than actually watching. The problem is that while there are many decent services out there, there is no convergence.

The core of our watching experience is broadcast TV, which we can record using TiVo. We also have the Netflix and HuluPlus apps for the TiVo. Unfortunately, this hasn't been the panacea I had hoped for.

First, the TiVo apps are rather buggy and poorly designed. They are graphic intensive, and rather than providing a simple list of content, they use large graphic tiles, making browsing for content difficult. The TiVo search feature frequently returns results that are not consistent with the actual content available through the two apps - it will often identify content that is not actually available for streaming. And the apps are limited on what can be shown on the TiVo - some Hulu programming for example is not available through the TiVo, though it is through a standard PC browser. Netflix's claim that they have thousands of TV shows to stream is disingenuous at best - relatively few new shows are available, and content from premium serivces like Showtime is non-existent. (Their DVD option has more content, but we don't want to go back to DVD ordering/shipping).

The result is that we have to remember what is and what isn't available through the TiVo, and then switch to a PC with HDMI connection to the TV to watch other shows. Then there are the many channels ( A&E, CBS to name but two) that don't have their content available through Hulu at all - so for those we have to use the PC browser.

The promise of convergence is there, where we'd be able to watch any content through one device, but we seem to be years away from all the companies - content providers and service providers - getting together to make this seamless. The problem seems to be the profit issue - how do they all make money from convergence? I guess once that is resolved, we'll see more technologically mature solutions.


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