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Found out today about the 'we the people' White House initiative. Obviously, the White House receives thousands of letters, emails and calls every day, and they presumably distill those down to a report that shows what is trending. However, the "we the people" initiative is a little different. It allows you to create a petition, which you advertise. If you get 25,000 signatures in a month, the White House will take some kind of action - though it may still turn out to be a form-letter type response from a government department.

To use it, you have to sign up for a 'whitehouse.gov account' - which is another way of saying that they are collecting names and email addresses; doubtless that factors in to their reasons for providing the site. But since they already know my details, creating an account didn't bother me.

I decided to try this out, starting with a constitutional amendment! It's been bothering me that the various amendments being suggested to 'fix' the Citizens United issue are too specific. They mostly seem to want to re-establish Congress' right to control election financing. Which is fine, but the Supreme Court should not really have the power to redefine the term "person" at all. I'm pretty sure the founders did not have corporations (in legalese, 'fictitious persons') in mind when the wrote 'person' and 'persons' over and over again in the constitution. They meant individuals. So defining the term as 'humans' in the constitution should be an easy fix.

In any case, it can't hurt to repeat this and similar demands to the White House and Congress. So I created my first petition here:


As you'll see, I'm a little shy of the 25,000 votes necessary to get it into the main White House queue! LOL

I'm all for more channels to the top. Take a look at the site: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov and see what others are talking about. And sign my petition if you are so inclined.


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