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With a late start to the day, we decided to cook breakfast - this is VERY rare in our house. Normally, breakfast for me is cereal and coffee. However, with our long winter break, it was time for a treat.

Bill worked his usual magic with the eggs - though to describe this culinary masterpiece simply as 'eggs' is the same as calling St Paul's cathedral just a church. Meanwhile, I worked on the the sausage links, and incinerated some bacon.

I have a dual problem in my role here. First, the British do not have any concept of sausage patties; and sausages are defined as large overstuffed and meaty comestibles lovingly known as bangers. The items described in America as sausage links would be dismissed in Britain as chipolata (hardly worthy of a British breakfast). Real sausages and chipolata require different approaches when cooking. 
Meanwhile, bacon in Britain consists of prime cuts from the back of the pig - large meaty morsels with some fat and definitely rind attached. And it is gently cooked until it has just a hint of brown.  It is soft and juicy, not carbonized.

My bacon was in any case, as usual, a near-disaster. I have yet to figure out how to cook the American way,  so that it is crisp, appears completey burnt, and yet still retains some taste (other than that of cremains).

As an homage to British breakfasts, I of course prepared some fried tomato, though Bill ducked that one - I ate the lot.

Toast and preserves rounded out an excellent meal (if we ignore the bacon).

Lucky for me, Santa (in the shape of Bill) gave me two (not one, but two) jars of my favorite British chutney - Branston Pickle (now being made again after a one-year hiatus - the factory where it is made was burned down). So Branston joined the ingredient list for this morning's repast.

Now, back to IAGSDC coding.


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