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I feel like over the past few years, I've slipped into some kind of hibernation phase of life. When I retired early, I wanted to do a lot of things - nothing complicated, just getting busy with new projects, getting out hiking, camping - back to the way I was when I lived in California. Of course, that was 13 years ago now, and I was younger then. Bit by bit, that 'get up and go' had some how 'got up and went', and I'd hoped in retirement I'd recapture it.

It's easy to sink into a daily round of mundane activities. Time that could be spent actively can turn into snooze time in front of the TV, or wandering aimlessly in Internet-land. I think I've fallen victim to both.

I started going to the gym regularly back in January, but the recent visits to Palm Springs and the work on the condo have deflected me (or given me an excuse) not to do that. A recent cold/virus thing that Bill and I have been swapping back and forth had further reduced my energy level and desire to go to the gym.

Two weeks ago I made my second solo trip to Palm Springs, tidying up the loose ends for the rental of our condo. At the same time, the Palm Springs Pride event was on, and last weekend I committed to attending that event, rather than just making it a business trip.

Dancing at DiGS bar in Cathedral City on Tuesdays and Saturdays, plus the full-day 2-stepping/line dancing on both Saturday and Sunday at Pride has for the moment re-invigorated me. I want to get out and start doing things again, instead of just, well, sitting. Last night, at a 2-stepping/line dance group, I was talking to someone who told me about all the hikes he's currently doing in the Sandia Mountains (to the east of Albuquerque). I suggested he invite me along because I needed to start hiking again. And he gave me this piece of wisdom: "You shouldn't be waiting for an invite or for friends to be willing to go with you. If you want it, you will go". And he's right. I've been filling a book with excuses NOT to do things. I have to change that.

I think the sudden death of a friend of ours, who happened to be exactly my age, has affected me more than I realize. With no warning, he dropped dead in his living room. He was an active and relatively healthy person, but still he dropped dead. It's a reminder that at any age your time here is limited; and as the song says, you should 'live like you are dying".

So in the next few weeks I think I have to start changing some things in my life. How/what I'm not sure. It's going to be a new adventure!

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