Nov. 16th, 2013


Nov. 16th, 2013 10:02 am
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The last week or two, after a long period of sluggishness related in part to a lingering cold/viral kind of thing, I have a burst of new energy. Right now, I'm riding the wave. I'm not sure how long it will last...

I made it back to the gym three times this week, and increased overall the weights I used for upper body exercises - Mr Atlas, here I come! I've made it a habit (for a whole week now :-) ) to get out first thing in the morning and power walk about 1.25 miles, to get my day started right.

Palm Springs Pride weekend put me very much back into enjoying 2-step and line dancing, so I've given myself a project of learning the most popular line dances from the DiGS country western bar in Cathedral City. I've practiced almost every day this week.

Yesterday, I went for a short hike - about 3-4 miles - in the foothills of the Sandias. For a decade I've promised myself I'd get back into the habit I had in California of short hikes once a week; maybe I can keep this up.

In addition, Bill and I are hopefully going to keep to a routine of a walk together on Sunday mornings.

Overall, I've definitely increased my activity and exercise; but a week doesn't mean any permanent change has been made. I know I have an endless number of triggers that will put me back into a lethargic state. What I really need is a gym and power walking buddy to ensure I keep this up.

In other changes, I've started to cut down on the growing list of 'must watch' TV. This is a big issue for me. It's extremely easy for me to slip back into a sedentary lifestyle of TV watching or Internet surfing. Both are things I enjoy and won't eliminate; the trick is going to be to keep the two things in perspective compared to my other activities.

I have also made a decision (I think) to stop teaching at the massage school. I actually enjoy being a TA, helping students improve their technique and understanding; and I'm good at it. But... it is starting to feel like a job, and I have to commit to a 12 week schedule for each class. I want to have the flexibility to go off and hike or do whatever else comes to mind without worrying about that. My massage practice is much easier to manage in that respect, so I don't plant to change that.

And then there's overall lifestyle changes that need to be made. Cholesterol and glucose numbers have been creeping up, and my Doctor's reaction is the standard one - more pills. I don't plan to go that route until I've tried other things. The first is a sustained habit of exercise; the second is controlling my diet. So I'm planning to eliminate the "C" food group - Chocolate, candy, chips, cake, cookies... Now THAT is going to be an immense challenge for me!


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